TRM Progressive
High School

Incubating the Extraordinary

The Montessori high school program was launched to accomodate the needs of many Turtle River Montessori families. Parents had expressed an interst and a sincere desire to continue a model of authentic education that develops different skill sets beyond subject domain to the Four Pillars of Learning. 


The TRM Progressive High School will be an accredited learning community based on the fundamentals of Montessori education including:

  • Developmental appropriateness
  • Brain-Based instruction
  • Student directed learning
  • Life skills development
  • Global orientation
  • Integrated curriculum
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Differentiation
  • Inclusion

Four Pillars of Learning

  • Learning to Know
  • Learning to Do
  • Learning to Live Together
  • Learning to Be

Learning to Know…

Is centered about developing students’ literacy in the content areas like humanities, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Learning to Know involves active construction of content understanding and the process skills necessary to engage in meaningful inquiry.

Learning to Do…

Is focused on employing inquiry-guided instructional methods, so students develop those higher level cognitive skills indicative of 21st century learning: setting goals, formulating hypotheses, and predicting outcomes through organization, prioritizing, formulating, testing, and verifying one’s ideas.

Learning to Live Together…

Recognizes the critical importance of communication and team collaboration skills that should be considered as outcomes during the critical instructional planning stage so that shared knowledge is advanced and engagement and collaboration are sustained.

Learning to Be…

Centers on students’ development of self-regulation and self-determination through cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills that are part of lifelong learning and autonomous learning.

College Placement

TRM will contract with local professionals to provide in-house guidance, counseling, and college placement. We will facilitate the development of individual student portfolios in the preparation for a creative and differentiated college application process.
College excursions will be a junior year focus.



The TRM Progressive High School faculty team will consist of Master’s level instructors who function as subject domain experts, guides and advisors to the learning community. We will also enlist a broad based adjunct faculty from the community to introduce real life experiences and expertise in all areas of the curriculum. Click here for more about TRM facutly. 


All college preparatory academic scope and sequence will be covered over a four-year period. Our core academic curriculum will follow a series and succession of project-based, interdisciplinary units of study that provoke deep inquiry into subject domain aimed at answering essential questions and solving relevant challenges. Students will be assessed on criteria like mastery of subject domain, effective utilization of diverse resources, incorporation of complex reasoning, creativity, viability and sustainability of proposed solution, and action initiative.

Community partners will play an integral role in the educational program. These are local businesses, professionals, artists, and community organizations. We will draw from these sources to create visiting instructors, mini internships, and collaborative initiatives. Outreach to the community engages the students in real life experiences and develops their social, emotional and life skills beyond the context of an adolescent environment. “Field Trips” or integrated excursions that tie critical experiences to learning objectives will be a continuous component of the program.


While providing a balanced, comprehensive scope of rigorous college preparatory academics, we will also offer concentrations in:

  • Entrepreneurship & Global Citizenship
  • Health and Healing Sciences
  • Sustainability and Permaculture
  • Digital Media & Visual Arts
  • Labs & Studios


We are committed to providing flexible schedules that accommodate Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, and professional student athletes and performers.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Access to sports and other extra-curricular activities will be coordinated according to individual student interest and local availability. We will partner with other organizations to facilitate group organized sports.

Labs & Studios 

Hands-on, experiential learningis a cornerstone of the TRM program: 

  • STEM Lab
  • Permaculture Land Lab
  • Art Studio 
  • Music Studio 
  • Digital Media Studios