Lower Elementary

1st - 3rd Grades

Our Lower Elementary Program’s rich Montessori curriculum spans the 1st – 3rd grade programs. Over these three years, all Florida State Standards are met using the Montessori curriculum, which goes far beyond the minimum levels of exposure to state standards.  This ensures that your child is exposed to, and progresses through, all core concepts as required by the State of Florida.

Like the Montessori Primary Program, the Montessori Elementary Program is organized in three-year age groupings: Lower Elementary (1st – 3rd grades) and Upper Elementary (4th – 6th grades). At both elementary levels, the multi-age groupings provide children with opportunities for broad social development. Our teacher/student ratios are low, which allows for individualized instruction. Our Montessori teachers are observers, providing guidance to self-directed students. The rooms are furnished with hands-on materials, and abstract learning follows when the child has been presented concepts using concrete materials. Children learn through mastery before moving to the next concept, progressing at their own pace.

Our children work hard during the day therefore, at this age, homework is simply reading with your child each evening to foster the joy of reading.  Report cards and parent conferences are held during the year so that you are connected to the progress and success of your child.

Our students learn far more than academics.  They develop intrinsic soft skills such as:


  • Self-Esteem
  • Student Empowerment and Individual Responsibility
  • Self-Motivation and Self-Organization
  • Love of Learning
  • Global Viewpoint
  • Strong Basis in Abstract Concepts
  • Critical Thinking Skills

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