Welcome to Turtle River Montessori

Turtle River Montessori has been the premier choice among independent schools since 1995, providing a comprehensive Montessori education to a culturally diverse student body for students as young as two years of age all the way through the junior high school level. Call us today to set up a personal tour.

East Campus
18 mos – 6 yrs

West Campus
1st – 8th grade

West Campus Virtual Tour

Primary (3-6 years)

Elementary (6-12 years)

Dr. Montessori’s Philosophy

Dr. Maria Montessori put an emphasis on the holistic approach of educating a child, ensuring that students get individualized attention. We also integrate a focus on community and environmental awareness into our courses.

Fostering a Love of Learning

Our custom approach treats your child as the unique person that they are. Rather than drilling memorization of facts that are quickly forgotten after the lesson is over, we provide an open and supportive environment where children can learn the way that suits them best, at their own pace.

Teacher Excellence

In addition to their college degrees, all our teachers have completed a comprehensive Montessori accreditation process. Our teachers are committed to the education and care of our Turtle River Montessori family and many have chosen TRM for their own children.

Thriving in These
Challenging Times

Lower Elementary Parent Ed
1st-3rd Grade

Upper Elementary Parent Ed
4th-6th Grade

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