Our Story

Turtle River Montessori was established in the fall of 1994 by five families who were in search of a Montessori school that followed the philosophy laid down by Dr. Maria Montessori in its entirety.

Their dream of providing a true Montessori environment led them to sow a seed in the form of a home school group of 6 elementary age children. This was followed by its formal inception in 1995 in a larger building that housed a pre-primary program as well.

This dream continued to manifest through the vision of our administrators and student families, and in 2009 we added a second campus to our existing facility.

We were able to open a larger facility on Maplewood Drive, which is large enough to house elementary through junior high school students in a fully-equipped, eco-friendly campus that meets diverse student need.

This allowed us to dedicate our facility at Indiantown Road to our pre-primary (18 mo – 3 yrs) and primary students (3 yrs – 6yrs), who enjoy this campus’ spacious classrooms, expansive playground and gardens.