Additional Educational Opportunities

As an enhancement to Turtle River’s standard curriculum, we offer our students weekly sessions in the following areas:

Art Offered weekly to Elementary students, the Art Program provides instruction in artistic techniques and varying media, encouraging students to try different ways of creative expression. Art is integrated into the curriculum.

Computers Beginning in 1st grade, Elementary students learn the basics of computer keyboarding, advancing their technology curriculum and producing EduTyping, a cloud-based program which allows them to work at school and at home. Supervision encourages a focus on accuracy and automatically scored lessons coupled with fun games reinforce learning. Internet safety and full technology literacy is integrated.

Music Appreciation and Band Weekly classes full of musical building blocks to awaken and develop your child’s inborn joy and talent for making music. Programs are age-appropriate and incorporate the internationally acclaimed Musikgarten curriculum at younger ages. Children are exposed to music from around the world, different instruments and their sounds, musical play, tonal and rhythmic patterns as well as locomotive movement. Supplemental music classes and Band at the Elementary and Secondary School levels also focus on reading music, music appreciation and instrumental study, utilizing the SmartMusic computerized program for home practice that can be monitored by the instructor.

Gardening Each classroom has its own garden, to reinforce the biology, ecology and sciences programs studied at each level. Through weekly interaction with the environment, students learn about the interconnectedness of our natural world’s plants and animals and take away knowledge and techniques they can implement at home.

Physical Education In Elementary and Secondary School, students participate in a Physical Education program which encompasses fitness, health, and team sports. The program is supplemented by optional after-school programs in tennis, soccer and fit club, and a wide range of team sports are available in our area.

Foreign Language With a focus on conversational foreign language learning, students converse in their foreign language, using basic words and phrases as well as gaining exposure to hearing the language. At the Secondary School level, we introduce computerized foreign language learning in addition to teacher-driven learning.